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Imaging Partnership and it’s sister company Picture Train create and deliver a wide and growing range of Learning Resources, Programmes and Workshops to Schools in the UK and Overseas. See case studies of how we are working with schools. Click the links below to view the individual programme details.


STEM – Unit 2






Creativity & Imaging

3D Design


App – Design

Primary School Arts Award Workshops

Photography sessions – with Arts Award

Visual Effects – with Arts Award

Animation sessions – with Arts Award

Cinematography – with Arts Award

Photography Workshop Sessions in conjunction with Arts Award

Themed Week Workshops

Themed weeks

Arts Week Workshops

Curriculum Enrichment Week

Awareness Weeks for Pupils

Creative Arts Personal Challenge

Inset days

Intervention Workshop

GCSE Media Adjudicating

Media Studies

A level Photography

Art and Design

BTEC Media 

Design + Technology

GCSE Document

GCSE Expressive Arts

Mentoring and consultancy – Photography

Mentoring + consultancy – Animation

Mentoring and consultancy – Cinematography

Mentoring and consultancy – Film

Optical Illusions Sessions

Optical Industry

Photo Pioneers Toolkit

Photoshop 1

Photoshop 2

Photoshop 3

Photography in the Curriculum

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Year Six

Afterschool Programme

Afterschool 13 week programme

Afterschool Programme 2

Promotional Film

Science and Engineering Education Through Visual Arts

Creative iPad workshop

Ipad + Android Tablet Workshops

How to Make a Cinematic Trailer

Editing workshops

Visual Effects

Young Engineers Club

Creative Learning

Creative Learning Systems

Sewing and Knitting Workshops

Robotics Club


Optical Pathways

Young Engineers Club

Nutritional Health and Wellbeing

Healthy Eating Club

Vision Learning and Development

IP Innovation

Virtual Reality Sessions

IP Vision Health

Vision Development

How Vision Affects Learning

Visual Learning Techniques

Vision Therapy Club Sessions

Visual Processing

Visual Systems Club Sessions

Visual System – Advanced Modules

Computer Vision

Image and Sound

International Languages

Afterschool Workshops Overview – French

Afterschool Workshops Overview – German

Afterschool Workshops Overview – Italian

Afterschool Workshops Overview – Japanese

Afterschool Workshops Overview – Mandarin

Afterschool Workshops Overview – Spanish

Afterschool Workshops Overview – Dutch

Afterschool Workshops Overview – Portuguese

Afterschool Workshops Overview – Russian

Life Skills

How to look after your money

Do the Maths

Science workshop

Life Skills Programme

Private Sector Engagement





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