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We actively encourage children to thoughtfully observe and focus on their environment. Using our easy to access blended learning resources, children can tap into their new photography skills to enhance all aspects of the school curriculum and their everyday lives. 


We are:

– Creating cross curricular links within photography projects

– Encouraging children to see the ‘extraordinary’ in the ‘ordinary’ by looking at their world in a new way

– Encouraging technology enhanced learning using digital cameras and ICT available in the classroom and at home

– Using practical and everyday resources to generate creative solutions/outcomes

– Using the character Snapper to provide a helpful, friendly, accessible ‘can do’ attitude to learning about photography

– Encouraging an inquisitive and motivated approach to learning

– Giving children equal opportunities to develop their creative potential

– Developing leadership skills through opportunities to direct photography projects

– Enhancing team building through group involvement in photography sessions

– Developing planning and personal organisation skills within individual and group projects

– Enabling gifted and talented children to extend their skills through our Learning Station 4 – Masterclass

– Providing lesson plans adaptable for children with special needs

– Exploring cultural diversity through a wide range of photography projects

– Providing opportunities to be creative leading to greater confidence and self esteem

– Developing enhanced communication skills through visual storytelling

– Encouraging families to get involved in the learning process through photography

– Cultivating fun and enjoyment


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